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Clifford Brycelea is a quiet, thoughtful man.  Like most men of this type, when he makes a statement, it usually carries weight.  The award winning Navajo artist realizes that he has the power to influence and reach many people with his painting.  He regards this ability to make a statement with respect. 

Brycelea is a mystical artist, a spiritual artist and a realist. There is much in the mystical and spiritual that is real and he tries to bring that to the people that appreciate his paintings.  His subjects nearly always reflect a culture and belief of Native Americans.  He paints their legends, their stories, and their lifestyles.  Brycelea does not limit his subjects to the Navajo for he has studied many Indian cultures and found that they share a great deal. 

He has been winning awards for his art since he was ten years old.  Since graduating from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, he has shown his work in galleries across the country, illustrated magazines articles and books and experimented in different techniques.

While his style can not be stereotyped, the quality of his work is well known among Indian art lovers.  He continues to win awards, among them three gold medals from the American Indian Cowboy Artists Society, and Indian Arts & Crafts Association 1987 Artist-Of-The-Year.

In every Brycelea painting there is a story.  For every person, the story is different.  The artist leaves that to you.

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