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Moon and Otter and Frog

Retold by Laura Simms with full color illustrations by Clifford Brycelea (Navajo)

The Modoc are an Oregon/California tribe and this is a retelling of one of their romantic legends. In the earliest times, when the world was still forming, the full moon lived alone in the night sky. The stars and the clouds had not yet appeared. Moon was lonely. So, the moon comes down, makes best friends with Otter, and when the time comes to go back up, is sad because Otter cannot join him. But Otter suggests that Moon chose one of the ten pretty frogs to be his wife, but Moon goes for the Little Green Ugly one. Clifford Brycelea's illustrations emanate a soft, lovely quietness that matches the beauty of this legend. Relaxing just to look at.
Hardback, 32 pages.

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